Still here

Posted in The Blog by Mr Map on the February 5th, 2007

We’ve been unsure about whether to keep the blog going over website the last year or so, as we already have some pretty good channels of communication with our users through the site and our contact form, but we’re going to be making some big changes in the near future, besides which loads of people now seem to expect every Web 2.0 site to have a blog. So we are dutifully resurrecting said blog, and Interesting Stuff will be posted to aforementioned blog very shortly.

Merry Christmas!

Posted in The Blog by Mr Map on the December 16th, 2005

Happy Christmas to everyone, from the OnOneMap team.

A new high

Posted in The Technology, The Buzz by Mr Map on the December 5th, 2005

Anyone who visits OnOneMap regularly cannot fail to notice that we’ve been expanding our database week on week. And recently we’ve really been working hard on better, more efficient indexing systems. The work paid off handsomely this week as we soared past 400,000 properties and didn’t even stop for breath before sailing past the 500,000 mark as well!

I’m also pleased to report that the information in the OnOneMap database is now an average of just three days old. I’d like to thank all the agents, software developers and portals that are supporting us with their submissions - we couldn’t do it without you.

Stickier than a spillage at a toffee factory

Posted in The Buzz by Mr Map on the November 24th, 2005

One of the things people like to do OnOneMap is to have a nosey about. Remarkably, the stats show that up to 20% of our visitors stay on the site for more than half an hour. It seems that we have created the electronic equivilent of peering round the net curtains to see what Mrs Jones is up to with the milkman this morning.

Clustery goodness

Posted in The Technology by Mr Map on the November 23rd, 2005

A lot of people were telling us that there are no properties OnOneMap at all. Well, after a brief panic and check to make sure that the office junior hadn’t accidentally deleted the entire database, we realised that the people concerned simply hadn’t zoomed in enough, and therefore weren’t seeing any of the many hundreds of properties that were actually within their chosen map. So we’ve started clustering properties where there are too many to display, and you’ll find these clusters when you use the OnOneMap map view. Click on a cluster to zoom in one level, and keep clicking until you get down to a level where there are less than 300 properties in the area you’re interested in. They’ll then be plotted individually. Simple.

A snip at £100 billion

Posted in The Market by Mr Map on the November 22nd, 2005

To buy up all the property for sale in the UK, you’ll need some fairly deep pockets, as the total of all the asking prices of all the property for sale in the country (that we can find) is just over £102 billion. Much of it is in the South East (surprise surprise), but this is possibly skewed a bit by the greater propensity for London-based agents to have their property portfolios online, so the true figure is likely to be even higher.

With that much money sloshing around the property market, it’s no wonder that the economy is so dependent on it.

Leading the the Web 2.0 revolution… probably

Posted in The Technology by Mr Map on the November 21st, 2005

Andy Budd, one of the speakers at the recent agen bola terpercaya on “Web 2.0″ in Brighton, used OnOneMap as a good example of this second generation Internet in action. Which is great, except no-one really knows what Web 2.0 is. It’s rather as if someone decided to produce something new, reserved a version number for it, and then gave up because X-Factor came on the telly.

Various definitions have been forthcoming, and everyone seems to agree that it’s something to do with AJAX, XML, RSS, and a number of other three and four letter acronyms that allow the creation of highly interactive websites that are really very good. But evangelists are equally keen to point out that none of the aforementioned acronyms is actually essential to construct a Web 2.0 site, so perhaps the key point is simply that the site is really very good. And we’re happy with that.

Perhaps the best definition comes from that most reliable of news sources, The Register, who have conclusively proved through extensive research of quite literally several people that Web 2.o is made of badgers.

We’re not especially keen on giving things names as actually finding useful things to do with them, hence OnOneMap, but it’s true that there are a lot of very useful technologies coming out of this new generation of websites. And while cynics (like me) will happily poke fun at the hype mongers, we’re wasting no time jumping on the bandwagon.

So even though I still don’t really like the term Web 2.0, I think there is a genuine shift occuring in the way websites work and interact with their users. The problem is, we already have a name for them: web applications. What we’re seeing is surely just the coming-of-age of a concept that has been around for some time.

Welcome to OnOneBlog!

Posted in The Blog by Mr Map on the November 20th, 2005

Welcome to OnOneBlog, the official blog by the people who bring you OnOneMap. We felt we needed an outlet for announcements about OnOneMap, and discussions about the technology behind it. We’ve spent a lot of time finding out a lot of interesting things in our quest to make the UK’s first property search engine also the best property search engine, so hopefully you’ll find them interesting as well.